A Few WordsAbout us

Who We Are?


Becoming the leading logistics service giving company in east Africa by 2025.


Delivering, door to door, and valuing our esteemed customers’ need.


Binboz Services wants to render fast, reliable, cost effective and ethical services.

Binboz Services is owned and directed by Mr. Mesfin Bogale. Mr. Mesfin has invested over 10 years of his life to doing this and other businesses for the success of this industry. For Mr. Mesfin, Binboz Services is more than a business. It is his lifelong commitment where he intends to make some difference by providing ethical service to the best of his ability.

Mr. Mesfin Bogale is an experienced in the logistic industry and is graduated in 2 BA degrees from Addis Ababa University (Business Administration & Information System and Applied Chemistry). His addition to our management team has produced marked improvement in the overall performance of the firm.