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Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise is Renovating Dry Ports

Posted On:   September 28, 2018

The CEO of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistic Services Enterprise, Roba Megersa, said the enterprise was renovating dry ports including Kombolcha, Mekelle, and Semera ports, with a view to lodging import-export commodities which pass right through Assab and Massawa ports.

The CEO said “We have Mekele dry port which is near to Masawa port, but it needs some expansion, so we are expanding the dry port for material storing and transiting services. And we have got a place from Wereta city administration, so we will continue our effort to construct a dry port in the city,” adding that the import export market which pass through the Assab port could be best accommodated by Semera and Kombolcha ports.

According to the CEO, the use of Assab and Massawa ports increases cargo containerization which demands the development of a new multi-purpose terminal with space for the handling and storage of containers, including refrigerated and hazardous goods.

The port of Assab is only 290km and 390km away from Semera and Kombolcha, respectively while the port of Massawa is only 235km away from Mekelle.

The CEO said the enterprise was exerting efforts to partner with firms that could speed up the services in the corridors and local dry ports. He said the ports would commence full services within six months.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency